About Us

We, the members of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) at FIU, hereby promote biomedical engineering as a student chapter. The organization aims to support research, career discovery, and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of biomedical engineering. The chapter shall promote membership by acquainting the student body with the ideas, purposes, and objectives of the Biomedical Engineering Society. BMES will be a forum for peers, academic enhancement, professional development, and career planning.

What is the Biomedical Engineering Society?

The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is an organization established 1968, developed to provide equal status to representatives of both biomedical and engineering interests. Members of BMES promote the profession of biomedical engineering through the organized effort of this group in study, research, and discussion of the fields of biomedical engineering and the dissemination of knowledge thereby gained. For more information about the national chapter, visit their website at www.BMES.org.

Who is the FIU chapter of BMES?

In 2000, a BMES student chapter was established at Florida International University. We consistently promote membership in the Biomedical Engineering Society by acquainting the student body with the ideas, purposes and objectives of BMES.  Our chapter complements its members’ education with an opportunity for social interaction of peers, academic enhancement, professional development, and career planning.

As an organization, we engage in our mission through participating and organizing multiple events such as Chocolate with the Chair, industry tours (including Mako/Stryker and Biomet), Plan Your Undergrad, Faculty VS Student Softball, and BMES Annual Meetings. We also participate in community services, fundraising campaigns, recruiting fairs, and lecture series related to the field. Through our activities, BMES aims to assist the FIU BME Department in producing skillful and professional engineers.

What activities does BMES undertake?

The Biomedical Engineering Society at FIU directs attention to both the academic and industrial paths of BME, hosting company tours and laboratory tours throughout the year. Additionally, BMES has a new mentorship program available to guide students throughout their undergraduate career. Mentors consist of juniors and seniors whereas mentees consist of freshmen and sophomores. The students are paired in terms of their career interest (medical school, research, or industry). The mentors assist the mentees in planning their undergraduate courses, professional development, and how to successfully reach their desired career path. The mentors receive a certificate of honor on behalf of the BMES Student Chapter for their contribution in producing excellent FIU graduates.

BMES is eager to assist our department and FIU in any way possible. We have volunteered for events such as the Martin Luther King Restoration project with City Year at Homestead Middle School and the Geeki Wood Girls Festival, hosted by an organization dedicated to promoting females in the STEM fields. These are among the many other strides we take to improve our community and university.

Mission Statement

FIU’s Biomedical Engineering Society helps to educate its members with respect to biomedical engineering. Our members are guided in their role and responsibilities that they will have on their profession and society in general. Important requirements of ABET accreditation are that students gain the “ability to recognize the need for and engage” in:

  • Life-long education
  • Apply engineering solutions in a global and societal context in consideration of contemporary issues
  • Recognize professional and ethical responsibility

The Biomedical Engineering Society has an important role in contributing to the Biomedical Engineering Department’s ability to provide students with these skills. We look forward to adding to the societies membership, with many exciting activities, including industrial tours, attendance to scientific meetings, academic competitions, invited speakers, and of course, social events, which the society is becoming known for. Our expectation is that the Biomedical Engineering Society becomes the leading society in the college and the university, and that after graduation, the students are as proud of their participation in the Biomedical Engineering Society as they are of the degree they’ve earned.